Welcome to the Teton Valley Humane Society, an organization that started as a grassroots network of foster families made up of caring individuals in our valley. We are community members who are dedicated to the safety and humane treatment of Teton Valley Idaho’s homeless domestic animals. In 1998 the animal shelter opened its doors providing housing and medical facilities for stray and abandoned animals until permanent, loving homes can be found.


Michelle DeLange – Executive Director

Jani DeLange – Shelter Manager

Scott Bullard – Kennel Tech

Desiree’ Allen – Kennel Tech

Diana Flint – Kennel Tech

Alyssa Vaughn – Kennel Tech

Board of Directors

Roy Moulton – President, Lawyer

Dennis Brower – Vice President, Treasurer

Pauline Bagley – Secretary

Ilene Hammond – Animal Control

Brent Robson

Advisory Board

Clark Kinghorn, DVM


Rebecca Tinnes

Dorothy Jankowsky

Emily Town

Krystel Bryson

Kristen Omlor

Linda Osborne

Sarah Thiel

Karin & Jason Ralph

Sarah Hoffman

Jeff Vest

Amanda Bixby

Christiana & Garth Gillespie