The Teton Valley Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Adoption fees are kept as low as possible and are not even enough to pay for housing and caring for the animals.


$70.00* for dog adoption

$50.00* for cat adoption

$25.00* for Feral or Barn cat adoption

$20.00* each additional animal

      * We do offer a companion special $20.00 for each additional animal.

      * Feral and barn cats will be released spayed or neutered and with all vaccines. The animal's ear is clipped for identification that it has been spayed or neutered.


$15.00 for cats or dogs with proof of spay or neuter

$25.00 for the first animal cat or dog

$10.00 for each additional pup or kitten


Over night stays are $10.00 per night for the first visit of an animal. If the animal is brought in for the second time, the fee is $15.00. After the second visit, the nightly fee will double for each subsequent visit by the same animal (i.e. $30 /night for 3rd visit, $60/night for 4th visit, $120/night for 5th visit, and so on). After the five working days holding period the dog becomes the property of the Teton Valley Humane Society and is up for adoption.


$15.00 sexed

$7.50 unsexed


A person who wishes to adopt an animal and have the Teton Valley Humane Society hold it for them may do so for a period previously agreed to by the Director. A person requesting a hold must deposit $30.00 for dogs and $20.00 for cats. Should the person decide not to take the animal after the agreed upon period, the deposit money is nonrefundable. The deposit will be designated as a donation at the time that it is made, in the event that the animal is not picked up.