The Teton Valley Humane Society is a non-profit organization under the 501-c3 IRS tax code. This means the shelter survives solely on donations and support from the members of our community. We receive no money from the county or state government. We welcome donations of any dollar amount as well as professional services or items from our current “wish list” (see below), all of which are tax deductible for the donor.

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If you prefer not to donate online, please contact Michelle DeLange to make your donation. Thank you for helping the animals!

            Michelle Delange
            (208) 354-3499
            [email protected]

TVHS Wish List

New computer, scanner, Fax machine

Chairs for our waiting room

Medical supplies (bandages, cotton, alcohol, betadine)

File cabinets

Household tools

Premium dog/cat food

Dog and cat treats and toys

Dog and cat beds

Clay cat litter

Airline kennels

Donations for vet bills and supplies

Fold up table

Propane Space Heater (non-electric for power outages)

Dog and Cat Crates and Kennels

Dog and Cat Treats and Toys

Canned Premium Dog and Cat Food

Office Supplies: tape, phone message pads, postage stamps, etc.

Household Products: trash bags, paper towels, detergent, blankets


Foster Parents

Monetary Donations for Vet Bills and Supplies