Foster Application

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Foster Program Application
Teton Valley Humane Society

Name________________________ Age_________ Date____________
Address_____________________ City___________ Zip__________
Home Phone___________________ Work Phone__________________
Email Address_____________________________________________

Please check all that apply

Employed__ Part Time__ Full Time__

Rent__ Own__


If checked how many?______________


If checked please list____________________________________

Fenced Yard__

Do you currently have animals? _ Species____________

Number of Dogs______________ Number of Cats_______________

Are your pet’s spayed/neutered? __

Are your pets licensed? __________

Where will you keep foster animals? __

How long can you foster an animal or litter? _

Are you interested in rehabilitation work? _

If yes what kind:






Types of animals you would be willing to foster:

Puppies__ Puppies with Mother__

Kittens__ Kittens with Mother__

Adult Dogs__ Adult Cats__

Other animals
rabbits__ birds__ squirrels__ guinea pigs__ fish__

Have you ever fostered or volunteered at Teton Valley Humane Society or with any other animal shelter or animal rescue group? If so, which one? ___________

Why do you want to foster for the Teton Valley Humane Society?

Please list two personal references

Name: _ Phone: _
Organization: ____________________

Name: _ Phone: _
Organization: ____________________

I hereby release the Teton Valley Humane Society from any liability of injury or illness my family, my pets, or I may receive while volunteering as a foster parent for the Teton valley Humane Society. I have received, read, and understand the foster parent guidelines.

Name:(please print)__ Date________

Please mail to:

Foster Program Coordinator
185 East 25 North
Driggs, ID. 83422